The bhamthesis class for LaTeX

Disclaimer. The bhamthesis class is neither an official document nor produced by the University of Birmingham.

I do not hold any responsibility in any damage caused by using this class. I cannot guarantee that by using the bhamthesis class, you adhere to the most current thesis regulations set by the University of Birmingham. Use it at your own risk.

When I wrote my MPhil (qualifying) thesis in 2008, there were no LaTeX class files available for theses submitted to the University of Birmingham yet. So I wrote one. I updated it recently (December 2009) since I need it for writing my PhD thesis. I hope this will be useful for other (mathematics) graduate students at the University of Birmingham. The following is version 3.32.

It seems the bibliography requirement is more flexible now. So I do not include any ‘standard’ BibTeX style file here.

Feel free to e-mail me any comments. Good luck!