The bubbles package for LaTeX

I often want to put text bubbles here and there on the slides for my talks. One day, I decided to gather all the macros I wrote for this purpose into a package. The result is bubbles.

The bubbles package relies heavily on the capabilities of pgf. So make sure pgf is installed on your system before you start using bubbles. The pgf package contains other alternatives for drawing text bubbles that you may be interested in finding out. At the moment, only one style of bubbles is available in my package.

The current version of bubbles is 1.0, which is dated 5 August, 2012.

I essentially used the macros in bubbles when preparing my slides for Logic Colloquium 2012. You can download these slides by clicking here. However, I don't want to put its source file on the Internet. So I made another example that illustrates how bubbles can be used, and whose source I am happy to share with the world.